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Kingroot app download for ios: KingRoot is officially designed for Android users, but many iPhone/iPad users are also seeking ways to benefit from it. Unfortunately, KingRoot can’t be used in iOS, but that shouldn’t, of course, stop you from searching ways for using the app on your iOS devices.

Kingroot app download for ios

In fact, we don’t root the iPhone/Ipad, then how is it possible to use KingRoot? This is because KingRoot performs a task which can only be done in Android device. Are you now confused? Well, don’t be because I will soon clear it away for you. First, let me tell you about the benefits of having KingRoot in your device and then I will tell you a way of using it on your device.

Kingroot App Download For Ios

There are many benefits of using KingRoot, and many more benefits will be there, once your device is rooted. The reasons for having KingRoot in your devices are:

Kingroot app download for ios

  • It acts as a speed booster for your device.
  • Your battery performance increases.
  • It uninstalls Bloatware.
  • You can rid of the annoying ads.
  • Better backup opportunity is there.
  • You can customize your device as per your wish.

These are the benefits that you can have if you use KingRoot on an Android device. As I have already said, KingRoot app can’t be used in iPhone/iPad, and therefore I am going to tell you about an alternative app of KingRoot which can be used in your iOS. And you will be happy to know that the app will complete your task as swiftly and easily as you will expect.

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KingRoot Alternative for iPhone/iPad

We say we are rooting Android device and doing a jailbreak on an iOS device. Performing a jailbreak can prove to be a tiring and risking process but not anymore because just like KingRoot, there is an app for iPhone/iPad that can help you to jailbreak your device with just a click. And the name of that app is iNstant Jailbreak.

Kingroot app download for ios

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It is a one-click solution for the problem you are facing. You can use the app if your device is working in either of the following version of iOS: 10.2, 10.1.1, 10.1, 10.0.2 and 9.3.5. It’s time for us to proceed to know about the downloading and installing procedure of the app in your iDevice. Read the instructions given below, and you can perform everything very easily.

Steps To Install Kingroot App For iPhone/iPad

  •  Using the Safari browser, open
  • The page will open up, and you need to scan the QR code, visible on your screen.
  • Wait for few minutes, so that the site identifies your device version. Then, you will come to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ to which you have to agree. To do that, click on ‘I agree to continue.’
  • Wait for few minutes for the app to get prepared. You will be directed towards the next step from the browser.
  • You can now do the Cydia download to install the apps that you want by using instantJB.

Yes, you can jailbreak your device that easily by using the app. Once, jailbreak happens in your device, two apps, namely Cydia Demo app and the instantJB app will be automatically installed on your device.

The app is in beta version, and a vital piece of information for you is the instantJB does a semi/partial-tethered jailbreak which means that you will have access to limited features of jailbreak. Without a doubt, it can be said that it’s the best app to do a partial jailbreak in your device.


Though KingRoot for iOS is not available & can’t be used on your iPhone/iPad, there is a good news for you and that is you have found an alternative app for your iDevice. The steps for getting the app is pretty simple but feel free to ask us about your query or doubt, in case you are stuck in a particular step and we will be happy to help. After you use the app, don’t forget to review the app, so that we know whether you had a beautiful experience with the app or not. Share the post with your friends who are looking forward to jailbreaking their device by using simple procedures.

Kingroot for iPhone/iPad

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